The Linea DS is again small and mighty. This light is not only high voltage but dimmable and contains flicker-free technology.

Studies have shown that flickering lights can cause health problems. Even though flickering lights can not always be seen by the naked eye there is evidence to show that the human brain can detect light flicker at frequencies up to 200Hz. Illuxtron have designed this light so that the flicker percentage is only 0.4% whether the average light is usually between 1-3%.

This flicker free technology is perfect if you are filming anything. The flickering lights will not show up on a camera making it possible to properly shoot.

This product is also very easy to install. It comes with a 3 pole connection box for screw-less looping of H03 and H05 cabling.

Key Features

  • Seven Year Warrenty
  • Compact Size
  • 2500k to 5700k
  • High quality electrical components
  • Various colours, beams and widths