LED Light Fixtures

If you are looking for high-end, luxurious modern light fittings with all energy saving benefits of LED lighting, look no further than Surelight’s LED light fixture range.

Used by top interior designers and architects, these exquisitely designed pieces are extremely high spec and can be used to enhance the style and elegance of architectural properties, high-end new builds, hotels, restaurants, bars and retail properties.

Surelight’s LED light fixtures are extremely versatile and as at home in a modern kitchen as it is in a multistorey car park. the are also high IP rated, which means that they are highly water resistant and can be used in high humidity areas such as food preparation factories and warehouses, where they can be easily sprayed with water to keep clean.

As with all LEDs, Surelight’s LED light fixtures also have the benefit of using a fraction of the power of traditional fluorescents – cost saving and with none of the environmental draw-backs. Mounted as a suspended ceiling fitting or surface mounted, non flicker and instantly
on/off, some of the are also a big hit in modern offices.

Available in a range of power outputs and white colours they are ideal for almost any application.


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