Solution Race Car Lighting

EL Race Car Panels make racing numbers easily viewable during endurance races. We are an ACO approved supplier of EL panels and waterproof inverters for the Le Mans LMP & GT CARS for night racing vehicle.


We have installed the panels on the car, their construction looks stronger, and they are much brighter than what we were using before – thankyou!

Our clients often come back to us to tell us how much more reliable, bright and well-constructed our panels are than our competitors…

I’d also like to thank you and all your guys for the hard work you have put in over the last 2 years fixing all of the issues. The number panels lost us the race a couple of years ago before we switched to you as if one goes out you must come in and fix it. There has been a lot of pain but we would have lost if there had been a single panel issue this year. They ran without issue and allowed us to do our job.

Photo credits: United Autosport

Surelight Motorsport Number Illumination Systems Brochure 2021:

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EL Panel Inverters

Surelight supplies a wide range of compact printed, circuit board mounted inverters, with cable connections suitable for EL Panels. Our Inverters…

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