Lighting Control

If you need to find a solution to control your lighting, whether this be single colour dimming or tone alteration, or colour changing for specific events and scenes, our advisory team can help to find the right lighting control solution for you.

With so many ways of controlling light available, we are here to point you in the right direction.

With options for dimming, timers and colour-changing (including warm to cool white lighting features), our range of control options gives you flexibility when deciding how to light your space.

All of our LED products are controllable whether they are single-colour, RGB or RGBW.

Please note, due to the vast array of control systems and control options, not all products are shown on our website. If you have a specific requirement please e-mail us or call on 01142 322 322.


LED drivers, sometimes referred to as LED power supplies, are modules designed to regulate and provide power to LED components. They are used for regulating LED lighting systems in domestic or commercial environments.

Surelight offer a wide range of LED drivers to power our LED luminaires, with a choice of Constant Current LED Drivers, Constant Voltage LED Drivers. We have a driver for almost any project.


Surelight can offer a wide range of control options and can recommend the best option to use for any given project, as well as advising which LEDs will work on an existing dimming system. Our LEDs are compatible with Dali, Lutron, Mode, Rako, 0-10V, DMX, and TRIAC.

Our dedicated team are more than happy to offer customers advice on the control options available.

The Nicolaudie NATOUCH-1

The Nicolaudie NATOUCH-1 The wall-mounted touch screen tablet for lighting control. The NATOUCH-1 can be used alongside other Nicolaudie controllers…

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