LED Hi-Flex Neon

Surelight new LED silicone Hi-Flex neon is perfect for illuminating houses, offices, kitchens and business.The Hi-flex neon is great for showcasing brands and making them stand out from the competition. It is the most flexible neon strip lighting available.

Surelight LED Silicone comes in even smaller sizes making it perfect for any architects, lighting designers and interior designers. It is a low cost, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional lighting.

Because of the flexibility of the Hi-flex neon, it can bend into various shapes and letters. This flexability makes it competition for the traditional glass neon. It is also energy efficient with lower maintenance costs. The silicone LED is one of the best on the market.

The Hi-Flex Neon is available in RGB, warm and dynamic white.

Surelight Silicone LED is suitable for almost every project. The silicone casing provides UV protecting meaning that the appearance of the product will not fade. With an IP rating ranging from IP65 to IP68 the silicone LED works perfectly for any lighting ideas. The casing is highly robust thus making it ideal for architectural and commercial applications.

Most importantly the silicone LED is easily installed and has a range of interconnecting accessories. Therefore, meaning that the silicone LED can be cut to any length and can be made bespoke.

Various controllers are available for this product and finally all the silicone range is dimmable. Therefore, the dimmable feature makes this product ideal for homes and business’.


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