Surelight’s Industrial and Engineering light range offers superior brightness and high quality robust components with built-in Meanwell drivers, high quality Cree XML LEDs and superb heatsink giving increased efficiency and long life.

With instant on/off, Surelight’s Architetural LED High Bay / Sky Bay Light doesn’t need to warm up like traditional metal-halide, mercury vapour or high pressure sodium lamps. This allows for a high brightness whilst using a fraction of the power.

They offer a minimum life time of 30,000 hours, offering reduced maintenance cost, ideal for use in factories and warehousing or manufacturing premises where light replacement requires machinery to be shut down or where access to stock and storage areas has to be closed off.

Additionally, system wattages of traditional high bay lighting are increased by ballasts and starters. Typically traditional high bay light sources have system wattages that are an additional 20% of the rated power of the light source. For example a 400W metal halide light fitting may have a system wattage of 500W.

Applications of the architectural LED Industrial and Engineering lights include: warehouse lighting, factory lighting, lighting for manufacturing and retail lighting.