Solution Art & Culture

Architects and lighting designers today put their faith in our overall competence in developing a wide spectrum of project-oriented lighting solutions for art galleries, museums and entertainment industry.

Film, television, theatre, set design, props and costume illumination using Surelight’s LED Neon Flex, LED In-grounds, Spotlights and EL Panels.

Surelights EL Panels and LED Lighting has been used throughout the entertainment industry in many large scale lighting projects. From stage, theatre and museums to music videos and television.

SD LED Neon Flex

The Surelight SD Neon Flex is an architectural grade LED Neon. The flat shape with sleek lines make it popular for…

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XL LED Neon Flex

The Surelight XL LED Neon Flex is our largest grade architectural LED Neon with high lumen output up to 380lm…

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Square LED Neon Flex

Square Neon Flex has the highest lumen output for LED Neon in Surelight product range. A robust and fully water resistant alternative to…

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