Surelight is a specialist LED lighting and EL Panel supplier, serving both commercial and residential customers. Clients use our products because of the high-quality service we deliver, from helping customers choose the most effective LED lighting solutions, through to working with design teams to ensure they get the right colours and effects to help to provide the right impact for your business. We work with businesses across the world, from large international corporations through to small independents.

Lighting demand are becoming more and more sophisticated as we look for different and more innovative ways to light our world. LED’s give you the power to light as you want to.

LED Key facts:

  • LED’s are extremely energy efficient when compared to traditional lighting sources.
  • LED’s have a long life span making them extremely good value.
  • Our LED selection is designed to give you the most current and exciting lighting solutions.
  • LED lighting and smart control give us the technologies, products and solutions to deliver Great Lighting design.
  • Quality is even better than traditional lighting.
  • Architectural lighting, office ceiling tile lights, decorative lighting, high bay lighting for warehouses and workshops, indoor and outdoor lighting.


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