Lighting can take something ordinary and make it beautiful. Sorry to state the obvious, but it bears repeating.

After years in the industry, we find that clients most often invest in lighting for the already-stand-out features of their properties.

This is often a good idea – to draw attention to the ‘show-stopper’. After all, colour-changing neon or other types of showcase lighting can look fantastic. They are often our favourite kind of projects to get involved with.

However, beauty often lies in less obvious design features.

Stair lighting is the ideal way to utilise lighting in a way that improves overall design.

Not to mention, if the property will be occupied at night, the lighting can keep you safe too.

In fact, Surelight offer emergency lighting for stairs too. This lighting is fitted with emergency systems which activate in the event of normal lighting failures (as seen below).


Our favourite ways to light your stairs

Stairs offer up a number of possibilities for lighting: the banister, the stairs themselves, or (with the exception of a floating staircase) the adjacent wall.

Perhaps our most popular kind of staircase lighting involves adding our LED neon to the stairs themselves.


Another option would be to feature spotlights or ‘wallwashers‘ on the adjacent wall.

This has a similar effect to fitting LED neon under a banister which would light a portion of the wall below (and the stairs themselves).

This can work in reverse as seen above, ‘washing’ the wall above the stairs with light from below.

For more options or to discuss information about your lighting options, don’t hesitate to Contact us.


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