Wall Washers

An afterthought but always an alternative

Wall washers are very rarely considered in big projects. However these should be considered, there is a vast list of pros and a very short list of cons. Wall washers do what they say on the lid, they wash the wall with light. With a mixture of either 3in1 chip or split chips there is a bright light for you.

Surelights wall washers are easy to control due to their inbuilt smart DMX controller. This means that every unit is addressed automatically whether that 5 or 500 units. The saves time as you do not have to manually assign addresses. However having said that we will program your lights in-house free of charge to save you even more time stressing.

It’s easy to get lost when we are talking about split chips 3in1 chips blah blah blah, so here is what we are talking about.


The easiest way to explain a 3in1 is like a pie. One third of the chip is red, one is blue and the other is green. If all three chips are on you get a form of white. Our Regalis contains a 3in1 chip meaning it is perfect for colour blending or creating a great rainbow effect!

A Split Chip

A split chip is a single chip being one colour. If a light is made up of 9 LED’s; three will be red, three will be blue and three will be green. Split chip units usually have a greater lumen output. However, you then need a larger space for the light to throw up. This is to ensure perfect colour mixing.

There are pro’s and cons to both

split chips and 3in1 chips however they are both a great way to create RGB effects.

A further benefit of wall washers is that you can have them any length. They range in size from 300m to 1200mm. This range in size makes them perfect for any project, whether you are lighting up a window or the side of a building.

Often when it comes to creative projects, people jump straight to neon. As great as neon is, it is not always the best solution. We would always recommend if you are wanting a lot of light, go with a wall washer. they throw light, colour mix and are a general great product.

If you have a project in mind get in touch and our experts will direct, you to the right solution. View our seletcion of wall washers here.


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