Network Rail had a dilemma. Supply of concrete sleepers in Britain was limited to just two factories at the time and one was soon to close.
To keep the supply at 700,000 concrete sleepers a year they signed an agreement with Trackwork Moll to build a brand new factory in Doncaster to produce around 400,000 sleepers a year.

What did Network Rail want? Network rail required energy saving LED high bay lights that would provide enough light output for workers to create the sleepers.
They were intially looking at LED lights due to their low maintenence and long lifetimes when compared to traditional metal halides.

How did Surelight achieve this? The team at Surelight worked closely with Ian Scholey of W. Wright Electrical, generating all the relevant photometric proposals.
After initial schematics were done, it was concluded that 100 High Bays were deemed to give the best spread of light and the Surelight Architectural High Bay was the most suitable LED lighting for the project.
Surelight’s range of Architectural LED High Bay lighting offers superior brightness and high quality robust components with built-in Meanwell drivers, high quality CREE XML LEDs and superb heatsink giving increased efficiency and long life. The predicted life of Surelight’s LED Architectural High Bays are three times higher than traditional high bay luminaries, providing significant financial savings in energy and maintenance.
Maintaining high bay lighting can be a costly operation; resulting in loss of production and requiring the use of cherry pickers or scaffolding as well as lots of man hours. Reduced maintenance means improved productivity and reduced downtime.
Surelight also helped Network Rail do its bit for the environment, as the Architectural High Bay lamps are mercury free – unlike alternative metal halides.

“This factory is crucial if we are to deliver better value for money whilst maintaining a safe, reliable railway.” Martin Elwood, Director of National Delivery Service, Network Rail.

Project Specifications
Mechanical & Electrical Contractor: W. Wright Electrical
Location: Doncaster, Trackwork Moll
Type of project: Factory High Bay Lighting
Client: Network Rail
Surelight LED Lighting used: Architectural LED High Bay Lights