Case Study Coldplay

March 17, 2018


Art & Culture

Surelight was approached by Coldplay’s lighting design team, to create the lighting theme for the Mylo Xyloto World Tour. We assisted in the build and design, and supplied digitally controllable lighting for the sell-out world tour.

Lighting used in this project:

Square LED Neon Flex

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Surelight was approached by Paul Normandale, Misty Buckly and Dave Smith of Specialz, Coldplay’s lighting design team, to create the lighting theme for the Mylo Xyloto World Tour. Surelight made four Electroluminescent (EL) Wire flowers which would decorate the stage of for each concert. Coldplay also requested significant amounts of LED Neon Flex Light which would be used to outline the stage. We assisted in the build and design, suppling digitally controllable LED Neon for the sell-out world tour.


By the nature of the stadium setting of Coldplay’s tour, it was necessary that the EL Wire would be visible from the cheaper seats and be fully controllable using the mixing systems. The sheer amount of LED Neon Flex required for each performance was also a logistical problem.


The EL Wire flowers were commissioned to be up to 2.5 metres in diameter. Surelight and Specialz built and designed custom DMX controllers for each flower to provide operation of the flowers and sequence their light-changes with the music. The LED Neon Flex was used to encircle the stage. Three systems were built for the world tour, one for each in Europe, Asia and South America.


The EL Wire flowers integrated seamlessly into the stage design. The LED Neon Flex Light around the stage was just visible from the very back of the stadium and worked perfectly on camera.

Lighting Used

Super Bright Electroluminescent Wire
LED Neon Flex
Custom built DMX racking systems


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