What would a quirky restaurant or fancy clothes store be without a neon light? But are we seeing the end of conventional Neon lights? LED Neon’s are becoming increasingly more popular, which could make Neon glass a thing of the past.

The typical neon light is filled with neon gas that that when provided with electricity creates light. Different fluorescents are used to create various colours. This is all pretty cool, however LED Neon uses Semi Conductors that are both energy saving and Eco-friendly. In a world that is facing climate change every little helps. Switching to LED Neon’s could be one small part we play in fighting climate change.

If changing the world is not the one for you then switching to LED might save you a few pennies.  Traditional Neon’s require not only a qualified electrician but also a glass molder to create the shape. LED Neon’s usually cost between 10-15% cheaper than conventional Neon’s and LED is usually maintenance free. Not to mention LED lasts 3 times as long as other Neon’s. Speaking of saving money Neon flex is very easy to install, can be cut, bent into shape and requires little expertise in electric.

Another benefit of moving to Neon Flex is that it can be controlled wirelessly, so instead of having to fiddle about trying to find the plug socket, it can be turned off from the comfort of your chair. Silicone neon’s are also much more versatile they can be used outdoors, in pools or to light up your kitchen. The Silicon is weather resistant and can withstand temperatures ranging from -50°C to 150°C.

Finally concern of the longevity of conventional glass neon grows due to restriction of hazardous substance regulations. The regulations state that less than 0.1% of the light can contain mercury and that will soon drop to zero.  Adding insult to injury, great caution must be taken surrounding glass neon, if it is mis-handled or not in the right temperature it can cause serious injury.

There are many reasons as to why we are going to be seeing much more LED Neon Flex in the future, especially silicone. It is not that conventional neon will disappear but much like black and white TV, it will be a thing of the past.

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