How Lighting Affects Sales

Most sellers do not understand the influence of lighting on their products. But how much does lighting affect your sales?

Of course, quality, design and functionality are important.

But if you think about your favourite shop, what comes to mind?

Let’s try out an example. Picture your favourite clothes shop.

When you walk in, what are the first things that you notice? Probably the music, the atmosphere, and of course, the clothes themselves.

How have they been arranged to stand out?

Even from outside the shop, the lighting arrangements in shop windows are crucial to the impact of the clothing itself. But it isn’t just about ensuring that the lights are bright enough to show the product.

There are so many elements to selecting the right lighting for your products.

When your favourite clothing shop chose their lighting, to fit in with that gorgeous decoration that makes you want to own EVERYTHING in there, they knew this.

In the changing rooms, their lighting is no brighter than in the rest of the shop, but you can bet they chose the right levels to accentuate skin tones and soften the colours of the clothing in that beautiful way.

Have you ever loved something in store, and not so much when you got home? This could be why.

In other words, shopping for anything is an experience, and lighting is a huge part of it.

In those same changing rooms, glaring or cold lighting could make the difference between hating an item of clothing and loving it.

Colour temperature has a big influence on this, also known as ‘Kelvin’. For example, if a light’s Kelvins are too high, the effect can be too cold and appear almost blue, removing colour from the product.

However, a common misconception is that the ‘warmer’ the light, the better. If your lighting has too low a Kelvin rating, it can have just as negative an effect on your aesthetic. The key is balance.

The same applies to almost any other product. Take food, for example. Whether in a restaurant or food store, the lighting choices can really make a difference. If that golden sourdough loaf looks a little grey under the wrong Kelvins, it may well put the buyer off.

So, repeat after me… Lighting Matters!

That temptation to go for the first and cheapest thing should be resisted at all costs. The good news is, we have a team of experts who are happy to help you with exactly what kind of lighting you need.

If you’d like to find out what kind of lighting would best suit your product and business, don’t hesitate to Contact us and speak to one of our lighting specialists. We are happy to help!


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