We wanted to share some ideas for fresh lighting design inspiration for 2021…

Lighting is the central element that holds together any interior design endeavour. The choice of lighting can really make or break a space.

Where natural lighting is sparse, lighting choices can bring functionality to an office, kitchen or storage space.

Where large windows and lots of sunlight feature, lighting can bring a sense of character with statement pieces and can even include features which brighten as the sun goes down.

Whether in businesses or homes, lighting can say a lot about the feel of a place.

So what do we want to ‘say’ with our lighting in 2021?

Here are a few of the latest trends in lighting to give you a little bit of inspiration for the future…

Statement Industrial Lighting

With functional-looking blended metal cast domes, contrast is key.

Often the best spaces to pair with these kinds of statement pieces are minimalist, light areas with lots of room to work with.

In particular these kinds of lights look best in threes, above some kind of feature that you want to draw attention to.

Perhaps this is a breakfast island in your kitchen, a spread of freshly baked goods, or a large table in a café or restaurant. Whatever it may be, Chrome or blended tones in industrial style fittings is a yes from us.

Extra Large Bulbs

This one’s been coming for a while now…

Think Edison bulb, but make it HUGE.

In the past these have been a little problematic, but since the development of beautiful larger bulbs with LED cores, their lifespans are longer and they look amazing.

Retro/1970’s style lighting

Think Don Draper’s bachelor pad in the later series of Madmen.

Think swirl shapes and pendant lights.

90’s did 70’s, but for 2021 it’s bigger and brighter than ever before. Bold curves and solid colours are back, in clothing and in architecture and interior design.

In lighting, these looks can be achieved with LED neon, which has some flexible element and can fit into a design created out of other materials.

Wall Washing

Wall Washers can create a range of effects, from statement lighting to subtle glows.

Companies using Surelight products have a choice of colourful, colour-changing and a range of white lighting.

1.) Warm white/ Cool Light glow –

This is ideal for next to staircases and to add lighting in a room where statement lighting wouldn’t fit the decor.

This has a subtle effect, which dependent on the Kelvins levels chosen could emulate natural light or a cooler, crisp light.

2.) Colourful Wall Washers –

These are perfect to add colour to any space. Surelight colour wall washers can have a colour changing effect, which can be set to different patterns as per a client’s wishes.

For more information on our commercial lighting and products available, contact us here to speak to our lighting specialists.


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