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Part of the Olmec Group, Surelight offers quality LED and Electroluminescent lighting at a competitive price to clients all around the world. With a high level of knowledge and experience we have the ability to turn your lighting ideas into a reality. Here are just a few clients we have worked with:

Aardman Animation
Aston Martin
Berkeley Group
Channel 4
Cirque Du Soleil
Edmundson Electrical
National Theatre
Newey and Eyre
Red Bull Racing
Royal Opera House
St James
Yesss Electrical
Featured Projects
Aston Martin - Race Car Panels

Known as the Grand Prix of endurance and efficiency, the French city of Le Mans has hosted the internationally famous 24 hours race of the same name since 1923.

In recent years illumination of racing car numbers has become mandatory as per article 7.5 in the Sporting regulations.

Endurance races are tough and need technology suited to the demanding conditions.

Aston Martin turned to our Surelight EL panels and race car inverters to provide a paper thin light source that is ideal for night racing; light-weight, water resistant and with cars racing at over 200 miles per hour, highly durable.

As the world’s leading supplier to the endurance racing market. Our Surelight EL panels are the brightest in the world at 180 candelas/m2 and are in high demand globally; at least 90% of the UK race teams use Surelight EL panels and they are used by teams in France, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland, as well as America and Japan.

The Engineering Practice Wood Norton Hall - Worcestershire

Surelight helped bring the new £1 million wedding venue in Worcestershire to ‘sparkling’ life with its innovative lighting, giving the venue just the fairy tale effect it needed to attract brides and grooms looking for somewhere extra special to celebrate their wedding.

The historic Wood Norton Hotel, which boasts original 19th century French features, wanted some feature external lighting for their brand new, state of the art suite called The Orangery.

This beautifully designed building, which sits opposite the main house of the hotel, has a glass frontage providing stunning views over the Malverns, and the Worcestershire countryside. It also has its own private gardens, and terrace, making it ideal for weddings and private functions.

Architecture & Design Lighting Projects

LED Lighting & EL Lighting Architecture & Design

Creative and Architectural uses of Surelight’s LED and EL lighting products. Artists, architects, designers, fashion designers, fine artists, and sculptors have used Surelights LED lighting and EL products to amazing effect.

View Architecture & Design Lighting Projects

Entertainment Lighting Projects

LED Lighting & EL Lighting Entertainment

Film, television, theatre, set design, props and costume illumination using Surelight’s EL Neon Glow Wire, EL Panels, LED Lighting.

Surelights EL Panels, EL Wire and LED Lighting has been used throughout the entertainment industry in many large scale lighting projects. From stage and theatre to music videos and television.

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Signs & Retail Display Lighting Projects

LED Lighting & EL Lighting Signs & Retail Display

Inspirational Signs & Retail Displays using Surelight LED Lighting, EL Neon Glow Wire, & EL Panels. LED lighting is the latest innovative way to light signs and retail displays. Offering a wide range of colours with low power requirements.

Accent retail display stands with our EL panels or EL strip. Backlight your latest advertising campaign posters with a high brightness EL Panel.

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Cygnus LED Downlight - NEW Online Exclusive Offer
Cygnus LED Downlight - NEW Online Exclusive Offer
The Cygnus LED range is one of our most lightweight LED downlights. Utilising the latest CREE LEDs the Cygnus has a light weight aluminium heatsink. Offering superb cooling, high brightness levels and a long lifetime.
CLEARANCE SALE - Selene-4 LED Downlight
CLEARANCE SALE - Selene-4 LED Downlight
The recess mounted Selene-4 8.6W LED is a 4 inch diameter downlight offering stylish, modern design and ultra slim profile. Applications include; architectural lighting, commercial lighting, retail displays, galleries, offices, schools and universities.