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LED Lighting, LED Lights, LED strip, LED Neon Rope Light
LED Lighting

EL Panels - EL Lighting Panels/Strips, Electroluminescent Panels
Electroluminescent Panels

EL Glow Wire - Lighting Wire, Electroluminescent Wire
Electroluminescent Wire

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Novem Back-lit LED Grid Lighting - IN STOCK NOW!

The Luna LED Downlight Family - IN STOCK NOW

The Luna LED Downlight Family - In Stock Now! Luna-3 3inch 5W LED Downlight Luna-4 4inch 10W LED Downlight Luna-6 6inch 14W LED Downlight Luna-8 8inch 19W LED Downlight
Robotus LED Track Lighting - New From Surelight
Architecture & Design
Architecture & Design
Signs & Retail Display
Signs & Retail Display
Safety Lighting
Safety Lighting
Retail Products
Retail Products

LED Lighting & EL Lighting Architecture & Design

Creative and Architectural uses of Surelight's LED and EL lighting products.

Artists, Architects, Designers, Fashion Designers, Fine Artists, and Sculptors have used Surelights LED and EL products to amazing effect.

Use for Residential Lighting, Commercial Lighting, Bars/night clubs, restaurants, Hotel Lighting Office Lighting, Home Theatre Lighting, Home & Lifestyle Lighting the possibilities are endless

Achieve almost any mood or design using Surelight EL Neon Glow Wire, EL Panels & LED Lighting.

LED Lighting & EL Lighting Entertainment

Film, television, theatre, set design, props and costume illumination using Surelight’s EL Neon Glow Wire, EL Panels, LED Lighting.

Surelights EL Panels, EL Wire and LED Lighting has been used throughout the entertainment industry in many large scale lighting projects. From stage and theatre to music videos and television.


LED Lighting & EL Lighting Signs & Retail Display

Inspirational Signs & Retail Displays using Surelight EL Neon Glow Wire, EL Panels & LED Lighting.

LED lighting is the latest innovative way to light signs and retail displays. Offering a wide range of colours with low power requirements.

Accent retail display stands with our EL panels or EL strip.

Backlight your latest advertising campaign posters with a high brightness EL Panel.

LED Lighting & EL Lighting Safety Lighting

Emergency low level lighting, maritime navigation & safety clothing utilising both our low energy Electroluminescent products and our LED Lighting range.

EL Wire Retail Products

Explore Surelight’s exciting product range incorporating our EL Neon Glow Wire. Available from stockists across the world and in our online shop.


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