EL Race Car Number Panels from Surelight are made of a multi layer material containing fluorescent dyes, dispersed in a binder with a high electrical constant. Therefore when applying an alternating current, the EL Panel emits light.

Surelight’s EL Race Car Panels make racing numbers and race numbers easily viewable during endurance races. We supply EL panels and waterproof inverters for the Le Mans LMP & GT Cars for night racing vehicle number illumination. Illumination is mandatory as per article in the Sporting regulations.

Furthermore we provide the UK based teams and many overseas teams with what we believe are the brightest EL Panels in the world and waterproof inverters.

Denser coatings and higher quality phosphor on our EL Panels make them second to none.

EL Race Panel Lamination.

Supplied pre-encapsulated (laminated) unless otherwise requested at the time of ordering. Lamination protects against moisture and mechanical damage.

EL Race Panel Connections.

We supply our EL panels pre-connected using the highest quality connections. In addition these connections have been designed using strong copper tape, specially developed 3M glue and water resistant re-enforced wire. The surelight connection method is the most advanced on the market, we work closely with race teams and have developed our connections based on feedback. Furthermore our connections are robust and durable whilst offering a slim profile for ease of installation.

When choosing an EL Panel please use the letters A,B,C,D,E or F to refer to the panel orientation you require:

“A” connection type – in Portrait with connection tab on the right bottom corner;

“B” connection type – in Portrait with connection tab on the left bottom corner;

“C” connection type – in Landscape with connection tab on the right bottom corner;

“D” connection type – in Landscape with connection tab on the left bottom corner;

“E” connection type – in Portrait/Landscape with rear centerback connection (the most popular type of EL Panels; connector is not visible on the lit side of the panel);

“F” connection type – in Portrait/Landscape with connector anywhere on the panel (custom design).

Please download our brochure for further details or contact us and a member of team will be more than happy to help you.

Key Features

  • Surelight Panels are the brightest EL Race car Panels in the world! At 180 candelas/m2
  • Most robust connections on the market – Race car tried & tested
  • Surelight race car inverters are IP67 water resistant designed especially to be used in night racing
  • ACO & WEC Approved
  • Robust - dual core water resistant wire and specially developed 3M™ connection
  • Reliable - strong copper tape offers the best electrical bond
  • Water resistant - laminated protection
  • Easy Installation - thin profile

Photo credits: Chip Ganassi Racing; Roddisons Motorsport; DPPI.

EL Type

EL Parallel Panel

Input Voltage

12V DC to Inverter (Please select EL Panel Inverter type depending on EL Panel size cm2)


White – when lit (pink when unlit)
Aqua – when lit (yellow when unlit)


Can be cut to size to suit individual requirements

Project Images