Case Study Studio 557 Bar & Grill LED Lighting, Sheffield

October 11, 2018

Surelight have provided a host of LED products for this Bar & Grill Interior Design Project in Sheffield.
Interior designers/contractors Spacepad used Surelight LED lighting for major refurbishment of the former Walnut Club Champagne Bar in Ecclesall Road, Sheffield to become the new bar and grill called “Studio 557”

Lighting used in this project:

Surelight provided a host of LED products to interior designers/contractors Spacepad for major refurbishment of the former Walnut Club Champagne Bar in Ecclesall Road, Sheffield to become the new bar and grill called “Studio 557”.
Surelight products included Orbis B22 LED Bulbs, Lucidus MR16 LED Bulbs, RGB LED Flexible strip, and Orionis RGB Strip Lights – All RGB lights were controlled by the Surelight Stick – which provided multi-zone control and allowed for pre-programmed scenes to be easily recalled from a mobile phone app from any of the bar staff or from the controller in the DJ booth.

Goal. Spacepad’s designer, Mark Platts came to Surelight to help create a modern and contemporary lighting theme for the newly refurbished bar and grill.
The Spacepad design team already had a few ideas in mind including feature lighting for the counter fronts and alcove seating lights. In addition they required some low energy MR16 LED light bulbs to upgrade from old halogens. They required dimmable 2700k B22 LED bulbs to get the ultra warm glow for a series of pendants planned for the entire room.

Solution. The Surelight team offered suggestions based on the drawings provided by Spacepad and gave ideas of how the area could be lit and which products would best suit each area.
RGB LED Flexible Strip was used as alcove lighting under the upholstered seating areas.
The glass walls and counter fronts were illuminated with the Orionis RGB LED Strip light (mounted top and bottom) which provided colour changing light powerful enough to shine through the frosted glass.
RGB LED Flexible Strip highlighted the shelving behind the bar and grazed the textured wall with colour.

All RGB Lighting was controlled by the Surelight S.T.I.C.K. Controller, which offered multi zone control. Scenes were programmed by the surelight technical team and the client to allow for quick lighting changes; for mood lighting, or a choice of various colours for various occasions (From example: red for valentines day) scenes were easily recalled from a mobile phone app by the bar staff or from the controller which was mounted in the DJ booth.
Lucidus MR16 LED Bulbs offered low energy lighting for over the bar replacing the halogen lighting that was previously in situ with LED; reducing both energy consumption and maintenance costs.
Surelight’s 2700K Orbis B22 Light Bulbs were used in the pendant lights, offering a warm white light to mimic that of traditional bulbs. Surelight Niteo LED Candle Bulbs were used in the three recessed chandeliers above the bar. Both pendants and chandeliers could be dimmed from a TriAC dimmer behind the bar and in the DJ booth to offer mood lighting when required.

It’s boutiquey: very sleek, very contemporary, very cool. Surelight’s Lighting was the icing on our cake. It’s amazing what difference the lighting makes to the place.
Surelight were great to work with, their ideas and solutions were perfect.
Mark Platts, Spacepad.

Project Specifications
Location: Studio 557 Bar & Grill, Eccesall Road, Sheffield
Type of project: Bar & Restaurant
Main contractor: Spacepad
Client: Studio 557 Bar & Grill
Surelight LED Lighting used: RGB LED Flexible Strip, Orionis RGB LED Strip Light, Lucidus MR16 GU5.3 LED Bulbs, Orbis B22 LED Bulbs, Niteo E14 LED Candle Bulbs, S.T.I.C.K LED Controller, Signalis CV DMX Decoder


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