Divergent cinematographer Alwin Küchler and specialists, including Alison Isenberg and Anne Kuljian, decided to accentuate the futuristic cityscape’s lack of electric power by using sparse but bright LED lights and EL strips. Surelight was commissioned to supply such low-energy light sources to help create the film setting.


Surelight was tasked with supplying lights which would be consistent with the film’s style and tone. All alterations made to products to adapt them to Divergent’s look had to stay within budget. There was also the logistical problem of transportation as filming took place in Chicago.


Surelight’s LED products were used in several film scenes. The stark, industrial tone of the film is set with Atlas LED Light Fixtures and exterior shots maintain this with use of Surelight’s Dolphin street lights. Lengths of electroluminescent strip was used as a prop in a significant scene in which the main character is tattooed.


The lighting provided by Surelight is integral to the design of Divergent’s cinematography. The LED lights are used to importantly convey both the dystopian mood of the film but also the narrative function of demonstrating the city’s lack of electricity. The use of EL strip in many scenes give the film a stylised look which adds to the striking visuals throughout.

Lighting Used

  • Electroluminescent Strip
  • Super Bright Electroluminescent Wire
  • Atlas LED Light Fixture
  • Arcus II
  • Dolphin Street Lights