Located in the beautiful 18th century stable block designed by James Paine, the Carriage House is a large, fully licensed restaurant on the Chatsworth Estate.

The Devonshire Group, which operates the world famous stately home, came to Surelight for luxury LED lighting to reduce energy consumption in line with its environmental policies.

Chatsworth wanted to reduce its carbon footprint but needed the new lighting to fit in with the original architecture. The lighting in the restaurant needed to be luxurious, ambient and versatile so it could be easily changed for events such as weddings.


Surelight’s challenge was to provide an energy efficient lighting efficient lighting solution that worked with their pre-existing wiring. The system needed to be versatile enough to support the restaurant’s different events throughout the year. All lighting including the eight large chandeliers which dominate the dining area had to be dimmable which was complex using the existing control systems.


We created 3D renderings of the rooms and light levels to demonstrate how light output from LED lights would be comparable or greater than the traditional lighting which was being replaced.

We collected data of how many bulbs and lights needed replacing and the C02 reduction was immense. We added RGB colour changing flexible strips, ambient lighting, uplighters and track lighting to create the desired effect.

We supplied new Niteo LED candle bulbs for eight chandeliers, each holding between 10 and 20 bulbs. These provide a superior heat sink with high quality built-in driver and can be used 24 hours a day without premature failure.

Halogen Track Lights were replaced with Surelight Cylindrus track lights. Our 17W Cylindrus lights were used for low ceiling areas 40W lights were used for high ceiling areas. Again, massive energy savings were made whilst offering higher light output.
Surelight Chaos LED’s were adapted to hide within the architectural pillars to create a robust energy efficient light with superior brightness. Colour changing LED strips mean the room’s mood can change at the press of a button. Table lights and wall lights completed the lighting transformation.


The energy saving available to Chatsworth was huge. We provided solutions which gave additional energy saving, such as the dimmable Niteo candle bulbs which use even less power when set to a lower ambient light.

Previously the eight chandeliers consumed 5kW/hr but after replacing with Surelight Niteo Candle Bulbs, all 120 bulbs consume only 0.36kW/hr. The Chatsworth Carriage House is now saving a massive of power from just eight chandeliers.

Before CO2 consumption from lighting: 45 Tonnes/Year
After – 6 Tonnes/Year
CO2 Savings: 39 Tonnes/Year

We were looking for an energy efficient lighting solution that was high-end and luxurious, as well as a solution which offered compatibility with our existing control system.
Scene setting flexibility was a must have for the Carriage House restaurant. We can now choose from an array of light colours for weddings and events.

As part of our energy efficiency programme we’re delighted with the impact that replacing our lighting with the Surelight LEDs has made. All the more as, with Surelight’s help, we are able to use our existing wiring and Lutron control systems, an achievement in itself.

Luke Sherlock, Sustainability Manager

Lighting used in this project

Surelight LED Lighting used: Niteo LED Candle Bulbs, Cylindrus LED Track Lights, Chaos LED Floodlights, Architectural RGB LED Flexible Strip, Orbis B22 LED Light Bulbs