Channel 4 was creating adverts for music festivals which would engage viewers. The broadcaster approached Surelight to provide Electroluminescent (EL) Wire which would be used in the advert in a variety of eye-catching ways.


The direction of the advert required the EL Wire to be extremely versatile. Dancers were to be shown wrapped in EL Wire as they moved, and the product was arranged in a number of positions. The translation of the desired lighting effect onto the screen may also have proved difficult.


To combat the disruption that may have been caused to the EL Wire by their movement, the dancers were each fitted with a batter pack inverter to allow ease of use.


EL Wire is very effective on camera; it looks bright but doesn’t turn into heavy backlight. Instead, the product provides depth and movement without burning out the camera as other light sources can do. After the success of the first advert, Channel 4 returned to Surelight for more EL Wire for a second advert. This advert for their new music website showed actors interacting with large amounts of different colour EL wire. Combined with some post production editing, the EL wire turns on as it is touched.

Lighting Used

Super Bright Electroluminescent Wire, Surelight Inverters