The Surelight Vitrum-4 is a wall-mounted glass control panel with 4 x 4A outputs up to 16A, used for controlling RGBW LED products.

The color can be chosen by the tapping or sliding through the Touch Circle. The speed and brightness can be determined by the arrow keys left and right. For white choose the touch key below right.

Vitrum-4 is equiped with tempered glass panel to protect against moisture, water, corrosion and dust.

The Vitrum-4 is ideally suitable for use in architectural, commercial, office and household environments where RGBW control is required.

Key Features

  • Easy to install and use
  • RGBW colour controlling
  • High accuracy touch panel with post-processing
  • LED and auditory indicators
  • High-grade tempered glass
Input Voltage


Load Current

4A x 4CH; Max 16A

Grey Scale Level


Max Output Power


Dimensions (mm)

L86 x W86 x H36