Surelight Vitrum-2 LED Controller is suitable for Adjustable white LED lights or a combination of warm and neutral white LED lights. It has 2 outputs of each 4A for a total 8A.

The brightness can be set with the touch circle or the arrow keys left and right. In the left bottom corner you can choose for if you want the 2 colours to fade over or if you would like to adjust them seperetly, in the bottom right corner is a preset button so you can save your setup.

The Vitrum-2 is equipped with a colour temperature touch circle with a capacitive touch control chip. This control chip increases touch sensitivity and decreases mistaken triggering.

This controller is ideally suitable for use in commercial, hotel and household environments where colour temperature control is required.

Key Features

  • Colour temperature changing
  • Easy to install and use
  • High accuracy touch panel with post-processing
  • LED and auditory indicators
  • High-grade tempered glass
Input Voltage


Load Current

4A x 2CH; Max 8A

Grey Scale Level


Max Output Power


Dimensions (mm)

L86 x W86 x H36