The Surelight’s Vitrum-11M is a Mini version of RGB Vitrum-11 remote controller with small and compact design receiver. Vitrum-11M is RF wireless M (Mini) series remote controller and receiver set designed to controll speed and brightness of the RGB LED lights.

Its sleek inovative compact design with wall mounting bracket makes the Vitrum-11M remote and LED controller set attractive for smaller projects, where output power is not exceeding 216watts per 3 channels.

One Vitrum-11M controller can be run by up to 10 remotes, while one remote can be used with unlimited number of receivers.

Vitrum-11M Mini Dimming Remote controller is ideal for household, signage or retail environment projects, where colour changing effect is required.

Working Voltage

3V (battery CR2032)

Working Frequency

433.92 MHz

Remote Dimensions (mm)

L104 x W58 x H9