The smallest in our LED Neon Flex product range – Slimline (SL) LED Neon Flex is a square low-profile LED Neon with monochromatic light to achieve your desired artistic effect.

SL LED Neon Flex has a flat lighting surface and a tight bending diameter of 100mm to express the feeling of simplicity and elegance.

It’s exceptionally small physical size and two bending versions allows to create custom design and facilitate additional types of application where a smaller profile is required.

Available in Red, Green, Blue, Amber, range of Whites, weatherproof to IP65, both PVC and Silicone versions in range.

Key Features

  • Smallest square physical size 10x10mm to enable challenging applications.
  • Optional Horizontal or Vertical Bending for custom designs.
  • Flat profile, choices for recessed applications & mounting.
  • High colour consistency & smooth illumination without visible light dots.
  • Super flexible with 100mm minimum bending diameter.
  • IP rating up to IP65, ultimately in line with properly applied IP rated connectors.
  • Continuous length by using one power-feed up to 20m for (Red, Amber) / 15m (Green, Blue, Whites).
  • Environmentally friendly & energy efficient.
  • High reliability & long warranty.



24V DC

Bending Direction

Horizontal Bending, Vertical Bending

Colour Temperature

Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Whites 2500-5700K

Ingress Protection

IP65, IP20, IP40

Impact Protection


Cut Sections

Every 83.3mm


Swivel Connector (End / Bottom / Side Feed) IP20
Factory Injection-Moulded (End / Bottom / Side Feed) IP40
Factory Dual Injection-Moulded (End / Bottom / Side Feed) IP65

Mounting Profile

Plastic-Aluminum Combo (35mm, 500mm, 1000mm, 2000mm)