The pointer 40 is an innovative little light. It is available from 2700 to 4000k making it great for any type of room. The option for it to be dimmed is available and it can come in two RAL colours; Black or White.

But why are these lights so special?

Illuxtron work with Bartenbach who have designed these downlights to ensure they are as bright as possible whilst using as little power as possible. Illuxtron have installed a reflector in to these lights to insure a high lumen output. In addition to that, the reflector has extra microfacets to direct the maximum amount of light in the right direction. These lights have zero glare which is great for the 75% of the population that wear glasses. Even though the light emitting surface is only 8mm it still products between 350 and 350 lumens.

Due to the 8mm surface light area, it gives an almost invisible light which is great if you are aiming for that minimalist effect, it directs the attention to the room and not the light.

“The lights are fantastic!” – Davey Construction Ltd.

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Key Features

  • Seven Year Warrenty
  • Compact Size
  • 2700k to 4000k
  • High Lumen Output
  • Various colours, beams and widths
  • Quality electrical components