Mini LED Neon Flex allows the most flexible and adaptable manipulations. Therefore allowing visually appealing shapes and truly uniform illumination along its full length.

It is a slim product fully encapsulated in the flexible PVC or Silicone chamber. Neon Flex is easy to bend and produces lower heat. Therefore has a longer run length and is more affordable.

Available in various single colours. In addition neon flex is suitable for recessed installation and weatherproof to IP68.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use. In addition a range of interconnecting accessories are available to ensure easy installation. For more information on channeling accessories click here.

Furthermore cutting this LED strip to desired lengths is possible, therefore creating the perfect lighting for any project.

Due to the nature of this product certain colours will have different cut lengths.

Key Features

  • Variety of options for monochromatic lights including Red, Green, Blue, Amber and White.
  • UV & flame-resistant construction.
  • Ultra-flexible with 90mm minimum bending diameter.
  • IP rating up to IP68, ultimately in line with properly applied IP rated connectors.
  • Continuous length by using one power-feed up to 20m for (Red, Amber) / 15m (Green, Blue, Whites).
  • Environmentally friendly & energy efficient.
  • High reliability & long warranty.



24V DC

Bending Direction

Horizontal Bending

Colour Temperature

Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Whites 2500-6500K

Ingress Protection

IP20, IP67, IP68

Impact Protection



Snap Connector (End / Bottom / Side Feed, Jumper, T-Feed) IP67
Swivel Connector (End Feed) IP20
Factory Injection-Moulded Connector (End / Bottom / Side Feed, Seamless Middle, Jumper, T-Feed) IP67
Factory Dual Injection-Moulded Connector (End / Bottom / Side Feed) IP68

Mounting Profile

Self Locking Aluminum (35mm, 500mm, 1000mm, 2000mm)
Plastic Profile (500mm, 1000mm, 2000mm) – transparent, white

Project Images