The Continuo II LED Light Modules is a low voltage flexible light source. This product is ideal for signage, cove lighting and also accent lighting.

The LED Light Modules can be used to create a great effect for halo lighting and point of sale retail displays. Because of the flexibility of this product it makes it easy to create innovative designs. Therefore making application for this product endless.

These lights can be used for various indoor applications and are perfect for highlighting any desk or wardrobe. Light modules are easy to connect and fit. Therefore perfect for indoor applications.

Light Modules are a low cost alternitave to Neon Strip.

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Key Features

  • High brightness at low power consumption
  • Good lumen & colour maintenance
  • Long lifetime
  • Water Resistant to IP65
  • Aluminium plate heat sink for fast heat dissipation
  • Easily cut to disired number of modules
  • Dimmable with appropriate driver
  • 85mm cable between module