Surelight’s new LED Hi-Flex Neon Nano is the most advanced neon yet. It is not only the most flexible product, but the most cost efficient. The Nano is the smallest of the Hi-Flex range, with a width of 4mm. However, the slim size of the LED strip does not affect the brightness as the 4000K neon has a lumen output of 300LM.

The Nano is avalible in both warm white and Neutral white.  Therefore, making this product great for both houses and businesses. This product can be remotely controlled and dimmable. See out range of LED controllers here.

The highly flexible nature of the product means that not only can it illuminate surfaces but also be moulded into various shape with very little running costs.

The LED Silicone neon has an IP65 rating making it water resistant. The robust nature of the silicone makes it resistant to UV light, gasses, acids and alkalis. Therefore giving the LED Silicone Nano a life span of 36,000 hours.

LED Silicone Neon Nano
LED Silicone Neon Nano

Key Features

  • The Smallest LED Strip on the market
  • Highly Flexible
  • IP65 Rating
  • Cost effcient
  • Can be remotly controled
  • Discolouration resistant