Surelightʼs Electroluminescent Panels can be customised to illuminate in any size, shape, colour or sequence. Therefore this makes them ideal for eye catching retail displays or brightening up a counter top. Surelightʼs Electroluminescent Panels have been used in a wide range of bars and night clubs in both signage or in architectural roles. These panels can be built into stone counter tops, tables or even floors, the list of applications of our Electroluminescent Panels is endless.

EL Panels emit light from 50VAC and increase in brightness with higher voltage up to 200VAC. Brightness increases with higher frequency up to 1000Hz. However we recommend that frequencies in the range of 400-600Hz and voltages of no greater than 160VAC are used, otherwise the parallel panels life will rapidly deteriorate.

EL Parallel panels are supplied in standard format – A2, A3, A4 and Y1. Special custom sized & shaped format can be also ordered (including encapsulation and connector).

Key Features

  • Ultra thin
  • Flexible
  • Highly efficient - Low energy, low temperature
  • Can be cut to desired shape
  • Vibration & shock resistant

Project Images