Surelight supplies a wide range of compact printed, circuit board mounted inverters, with cable connections suitable for EL Panels.

Furthermore our Inverters have various functions dependant on the effect you are trying to achieve.

How to Choose an EL Panel Inverter.

Choosing the correct EL Panel inverter couldn’t be simpler. Make sure the size of EL panel you would like to power is within the range which the inverter can power. Have a look at the table below to find out the EL area each inverter can power.

The 140C EL Panel Inverter

The water resistant 140C inverter was designed specifically for use in the race environment. Giving a variety of improvements the 140C inverter has improved short circuit and overload protection on both input and output of the device.

In addition the 140C is designed for use the existing Surelight race car number panel size which is ~900cm2.

The inverter can detect a fault condition in the lamp should it become open or short circuit. Therefore if output of the inverter falls to zero the red led on the side of the case illuminates. Remove the power to the inverter to reset. Supply to the inverter should be fused at 1.5amps.

Key Features

  • Built-in short circuit protection (input & output).
  • Fault indicating LED.
  • Water Resistant to IP67.
  • Easy installation with integral fixing holes.
  • Light weight at 325g.

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