XL LED Neon Flex is an architectural grade LED Neon with high lumen output up to 380lm per meter.

Smooth domed profile with a large 320° beam angle that produces superior light emitting area makes XL LED Neon even more suitable for surface mounted installation.

XL LED Neon Flex has passed tests in laboratories to ensure it meets the requirements of harsh environments.

Ideal for outdoor / indoor contour / border lighting, architectural outline, decorative lighting, cove / accent lighting, facade, floor lighting, signage / stage lighting.

Due to the nature of this product certain colours will have different cut lengths.

Key Features

  • Extra large domed profile with beam angle of 320°.
  • Smooth illumination without visible light dots.
  • UV & flame-resistant construction.
  • Bright and uniform continuous illumination, ultra flexibility with 120mm minimum bending diameter.
  • Multiple patented connectors to achieve IP68 protection.
  • Continuous length up to 10m by powering one end.
  • Ideal for facade lighting, signage lighting, stage lighting.



24V DC

Colour Temperature

Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Orange, Purple, Pink, RGB, Pixel, Dynamic White, Whites 2200-6500K

Bending Direction

Horizontal Bending

Ingress Protection

IP67, IP68

Impact Protection


Max. Running Length

Continuous up to 10m by powering one end


Snap Connector (End / Bottom / Side Feed, Jumper, T-Feed) IP67
Screw Connector (End / Bottom / Side Feed, Jumper, T-Feed) IP67
Sleeve Connector (End Feed, Jumper, T-Feed) IP40
Swivel Connector (End Feed) IP20
Factory Injection-Moulded Connector (End / Bottom / Side Feed, Seamless Middle Connector, Jumper, T-Feed) IP67
Factory Dual Injection-Moulded Connector (End / Bottom / Side Feed) IP68

Mounting Profile

Self-locking Aluminum (35mm, 500mm, 1000mm, 2000mm)
Plastic Profile (500mm, 1000mm, 2000mm) – transparent, white
Plastic-Aluminum Combo (35mm, 500mm, 1000mm, 2000mm)
Curved Bendable Stainless Steel profile (100mm, 300mm, 500mm, 900mm)

Project Images