The Apollo LED light fixture is a modern, architectural pendant or surface mounted light.

Furthermore the Apollo light fixture offers energy cost savings, using a fraction of the energy of traditional flourescent style fittings.

In addition the Apollo fittings are inter-connectable, looping power from the first fitting on the system to the next (link up to 10 fittings). Therefore making it simple to customise lighting length for the project in hand.

Applications include, commercial lighting, architectural lighting, restaurant lighting, hotel lighting, bars and clubs, modern luxury kitchen lighting, residential properties.

For more information on the Apollo light fixture, please contact us.

Key Features

  • Modern architectural design.
  • Interconnectable design (up to 10 Apollos).
  • Range of metallic finish colours.
  • Instant on/off - no flicker or buzz.
  • No mercury allowing for non-hazardous waste disposal.
  • Energy saving and environment friendly.


Colour Temperature

Whites 2500-6500K