Surelight’s LED SkyBay High Bay offers high energy savings, superior brightness and maintenance benefits.

The Skybay has upgraded internal components, superior built-in Meanwell drivers, high quality LEDs and a thick robust housing. Therefore providing high efficiency and long life.

In addition a superior temperature management and heat sink design of the SkyBay range generates airflow. Therefore avoiding dirt accumulating on the fixture. This allows for optimum thermal management and ensures a long maintenance free lifetime.

With a minimum lifetime of 30,000 hours costs for maintenance are reduced, therefore ideal for use in factories and warehousing or manufacturing premises where light replacement requires machinery to be shut down or where access to stock and storage areas has to be closed off.

With instant on/off, Surelight’s LED SkyBay High Bay Light doesn’t need to warm up like traditional metal-halide, mercury vapour or high pressure sodium lamps. Therefore allows for a high brightness whilst using a fraction of the power.

Optional occupancy control sensors can increase savings to as high as 90%. It ensures the Surelight SkyBays are only ‘on’ when someone is present; increasing the light to a preset desired level.

Applications of the Surelight SkyBay LED lights include; warehouse lighting, factory lighting, lighting for manufacturing and retail lighting.

Key Features

  • Robust aluminium housing
  • High Performance Nichia SMD LEDs
  • High Lumen output (130lm/W)
  • Low energy usage
  • Mercury Free
  • Long life time, rated for over 30,000hrs
  • Quality Meanwell Driver
  • Compact Size
  • Weatherproof to IP65