Surelight LED Wall Washers are perfect for feature lighting, providing an amazing colour wash effect to the outside or inside of buildings and the spectacular effects that 'get the party going' indoors in night clubs, bars, shows or events. Prestigious projects across the UK and abroad, such as The Strand Palace Hotel, London and The Straddle Warehouse, Victoria Quays, Sheffield have created hugely impressive exteriors using Surelight LED wall washers.

Signage and landscape features are lit beautifully by wall washers and they are perfect in gardens, whether illuminating a summer house or colour washing a tree from beneath with stunning effects.

Mains powered and built-in DMX decoding is available with our Arcus-II and Arcus-III Wall washers. Simple daisy chain connection means that installation time and cost is reduced. The control options for LED wall washers are numerous and can be used alongside our other products to create full home/business lighting automation as well as magnificent rainbow colour lighting shows. Whatever effect you are looking for - the possibilities are endless with our LED wall washer range.

Our LED Striplights are highly regarded and trusted by architects for use in modern bridge lighting such as the Castle Green Pedestrian Bridge in Taunton, Somerset and the Deptford Swing Bridge in Greenwich, London, take a look at our Orionis LED Strip Lights for more inspiration.