Factories and storage facilities are often open for many hours a day, those still using inefficient metal halide, high pressure sodium, mercury vapour or halogen high bay lighting are wasting money. Like a vampire, each one of those hundreds of lights suck up vast amounts of energy and bleed the company coffers, whilst at the same time throwing out an array of chemicals and metals which are bad for the environment; lead, mercury, argon, xenon or krypton gases to name a few.

Due to the nature of their use, bay lamps need replacing regularly, and these vampire lights can only live for around 6,000 – 10,000 hours. Changing them can be a major operation where high ceilings are involved; closing off areas of a warehouse, turning off machinery, erecting scaffolding or using a cherry picker – all time consuming and expensive.

Surelight has the perfect antidote here with its range of LED Industrial lighting/high bay lights. With a minimum life of 30,000 hours they offer the same brightness levels as traditional lighting but use a fraction of the power and require far less maintenance. They don't take an age to "warm up" to full power, provide an instant on/off light source and don't contain any harmful chemicals or metals. What more could a business want? Oh yes - they will save a fortune in energy costs!