Parallel Panels

Electroluminescent Parallel Panels from Surelight are made of a multi-layer material containing fluorescent dyes, dispersed in a binder with a high electrical constant. When an alternating current (AC) is applied, the EL Panel sheet emits light.

Parallel Panels emit light from 50VAC and increase in brightness with higher voltage up to 200VAC. The frequency should be over 50Hz. Brightness increases with higher frequency up to 1000Hz. However, we recommend using frequencies in the range of 400-600Hz and voltages of no greater than 160VAC, otherwise the parallel panels life will rapidly deteriorate.

Race Car Panels

Race Car Panels make racing numbers and race numbers easily viewable during endurance races. Surelight is an ACO and WEC approved supplier of EL panels and waterproof inverters for the Le Mans LMP & GT Cars for night racing vehicle number illumination. Illumination is mandatory as per article 7.5 in the Sporting regulations.

We provide nearly all the UK based teams and increasingly, many overseas teams with what we believe are the brightest EL Panels in the world and waterproof inverters.