Okay so the news is pretty dim at the moment but instead of sharing more depressing and worrying news of Coronavirus I thought I’d share with you 5 feel good news stories you may have missed!

  1. 26th February 2020

A five year old boy, Zac rang the bell to mark the end of his cancer treatment. £500,000 was raided to send young Zac Oliver to America for Life-saving Treatment. Zac’s local church also rang their church bells at the same time to let the whole village know Zac was at the end of his treatment. Zac was taken to the children’s hospital of Philadelphia where doctors performed a 17-week CAR T-cell therapy that would give Zac a 60-80% survival rate. The likes of Simon Cowell got behind Zac’s cause and donated a whopping £50,000 along with a mystery Donor who donated £100,000. Congratulations Zac!!!

  1. 14th February 2020

18 years ago Nicola Casey was meeting friends at the Hartford Mill pub in Wyton Cambridgeshire. Mrs Casey later describes she experienced a ‘really strong contraction’ and her waters broke. Friends and employees managed to get her into the pub where she gave birth to her daughter Isobel. In 2006 the family moved to Vancover. However for her 18th birthday Isobel travel back to the UK to have her first legal pint in the pub she was born in. Happy 18th Isobel!!

  1. 12th March 2020

Staff at Sakers near Ipswich made an ‘extraordinary discovery’ back in April where they found nearly £16,000 of cash in a safe that had been brought in for scrap. They handed it to the police but after an investigation was conducted the court decided that Sackers were the legal owners when no-one claimed it. Instead of doing what most of us would do and keep it, they split it between two charities. £8,000 went to East Anglian Children’s hospice and the other went to St Elizabeth Hospice. What a wonderful thing to do!

  1. 11th March 2020

Okay so this is a little about the Coronavirus but something that will make you smile hopefully. 13-year-old Oliver Cooper was sent home from school for breaking the school rule of selling on site. Oliver Cooper had been listening to the radio telling us we need to be washing our hands. SO instead of buying 5 chocolate bars and selling them at school, he decided to buy a bottle of hand sanitizer and sell a squirt at 50p a pop. He earnt himself £9 before getting suspended for the day. He now faces a day in isolation and a two-hour detention. Okay so his morals may have been slightly off, but he has a head for business to say the least. Hold tight Oliver, I’m sure you’ll be getting head-hunted soon!

  1. March 6th 2020

A kindergartener (A nursery) student decided to dress as the schools security officer on ‘Dress as your favorite person’ day. Instead of going as Thor or Superman Easton thought he would dress as the person who protects him and his school every day. Officer Cross was said to be touched and humbled by Eastons decision. You see, not all heros wear capes!

The Surelight team hopes this brings a little smile to your face and brightens your day!

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