The prestigious Strand Palace Hotel has stood in its central London location, close to Covent Garden, since the beginning of the 20th Century.
Starting out as one of the most prestigious art deco styled hotels in London, The Strand Palace Hotel has undergone many fabulous refurbishments over the years, keeping it up to date with current styles. When the hotel was looking to create the wow factor – and keep up to date with its neighbours – during the 2012 Olympics,  50 of Surelight’s Arcus II DMX LED Wall Washer Lights were installed on the front elevation of the hotel, creating a fabulous  external lighting effect.

What did Total Electrical want?
Total Electrical needed a wall washing linear light which could be controlled via DMX. 3000K Warm White was specified to be sympathetic to the traditional Art Deco styled building.
How did Surelight achieve this?
Surelight Arcus II DMX LED Wall Washers fitted the specification perfectly. With built-in DMX receivers the interconnecting cabling made install an ease.
Surelight worked closely with the install team at Total Electrical, making sure everything went smoothly throughout the install. In total 50 Arcus II DMX LED Wall Washers were used to wash the font of Stand Palace Hotel with light.
Wiring with the Arcus II LED Wall Washers is made simple with the interconnecting IP67 connectors on both the input and the output of each lamp. Power and DMX control signals are relayed onto the next light from the previous lamp in the chain, making install a breeze.
Surelight provided pre-connected extension cabling with matching male and female connectors. After wiring the first lamp in the chain, installing each lamp thereafter is as simple as pushing the connectors together and screwing tight the water resistant seal. One cable for power and a second cable for the DMX control signal.
Both Total Electrical and Stand Palace Hotel were extremely pleased with the results.
We’re extremely happy with the Arcus II Wall Washer lights, they were perfect for the job and Surelight’s expertise made the project all the easier.

I am told that Strand Palace Hotel are very pleased with the external lighting scheme.
Richard, Total Electrical.

Project Specifications
Location: Central London, located minutes away from Covent Garden and the West End Theatres
Type of Project: Hotel
Main contractor: Total Electrical
Client: Strand Palace Hotel
Surelight LED Lighting used: Arcus II DMX LED Wall Washers