Established in 1876, Sheffield Children’s Hospital has a wonderful heritage in Sheffield, Surelight has updated the Emergency department entrance signage with contemporary LED wall washers.

What did Sheffield Children’s Hospital (NHS) want?

Sheffield Children’s Hospital needed to light the area outside their Emergency Department, including signage and at ground level below the signage.

Previously unlit the signage and area under the signage required a bright light source. The problem with traditional lighting was lifetime.

The lighting would be switched on for long hours in the winter (from night fall to sunrise) meaning traditional lighting would have to be replaced regularly when bulbs failed. Each time a cherry-picker and maintenance staff would have to change the failed bulbs (blocking the entrance or causing a hazard to emergency vehicles).

They needed a lighting solution with very little maintenance, even when used for long periods of time.

How did Surelight achieve this?

Surelight LED Wall Washers were the perfect solution, with lifetimes of over 30,000hrs and bright light output whilst using a fraction of the energy of traditional lighting.

The Technical Team at Surelight created lighting schematics using Dialux, providing a 3D image showing how bright the lighting would be with various Surelight Wall Washers.

A requirement of the lighting was also to achieve high lux (light) levels on the ground to increase visibility at kerbside for paramedics.

The Arcus II offered the most suitable brightness, using 11 Arcus II Wall Washers in a range of lengths to create a continuous strip of lighting across the whole length of the entrance.

South Yorkshire Electrical installed the 11 Wall Washers with ease, due to the interconnecting wiring on each lamp.

Project Specifications
Installer : South Yorkshire Electrical
Location: Sheffield
Type of project: Signage
Client: Sheffield Children’s Hospital (NHS)
Surelight LED Lighting used: Arcus II LED Wall Washers