Mercedes Showroom – Milton Keynes

Mercedes’ iconic branding and timeless style is instantly recognisable, even to the non-car-fanatic.

But when you’re at the top, competing with the best is a full-time occupation.

With showrooms across the UK for all number of car manufacturers, how best can these iconic companies ensure that their space is not only eye-catching, but a step above the rest?

Obviously, the cars are the place to start. But once you have the beautiful product, what else should be a focus?

As we have preached many times before at Surelight, lighting truly can make the difference in a sales scenario. And this does not change from smaller things like beautiful cakes or clothing to high end purchases like cars.

First Facilities Management

First Facilities Management took the lead with this project. Specialising in customer-focused property management, their range of expertise was ideal for the work needed at this Mercedes showroom.

With experience of coordinating projects in major spaces including schools, hospitals and leisure facilities, they are able to provide both decorative and structural, practical services, helping to maintain and operate any building at its highest potential.

At the centre of their goal is always the customer’s needs, and the Milton Keynes Showroom was no exception. The aim was to give some extra character to the space, which already had incredible potential for show lighting.

Of course, the cars were to be the focus. One raised space for a particular car would be given a kind of ‘spotlight’. Incorporating colour into this would mean an eye-catching display even from the road or carpark.

With a vision in mind, First Facilities came to Surelight for some specific direction when it came to lighting. Installation would be their role, but they were looking for some lighting with a ‘wow’ factor.

In the end, First Facilities seamlessly installed a range of Surelight’s ARCUS LED wall-washer fittings with colour-change settings. These were the ideal choice, remaining relatively subtle in the daytime, but stealing the show at night


Having such a fantastic management company on board meant that Surelight’s role was the fun part.

After running through a couple of options for the look Mercedes wanted, our wall-washers came out on top. The distance the light could reach across the surface of the wall, illuminating the entire surface in crisp bright colours was exactly the extra quality needed in this project.

We feel very grateful to have played a part in this work, and love the way the showroom has turned out.

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