Surelight worked in conjunction with Moixa Technology to deliver a ground-breaking green energy project at the prestigious Brunel University in London. The Moixa Technology product Maslow, a battery storage system, was used prominently in the project due to its effect of increasing LED light efficiency.


In order to maximise the benefits of the Maslow battery storage system, Surelight was tasked with re-developed its Apollo, Selene and Cubus LED down lights and wall lights into low voltage DC versions. This would allow them to work with the solar power generated and stored by the Maslow system.


Surelight worked in conjunction with both Moixa Technology and the UK Government Department of Energy and Climate Change on the Brunel project, in which 16 flats at Fleming Hall were fitted with Maslow energy storage units. Surelight’s newly re-developed low voltage DC lights were then added to Fleming Hall.


The partnership produced great results for Brunel University, with the implemented system generating an estimated saving of 85% on energy consumption, 42.2 MWh per year. That translates to around £5,600 per year on the 16 flats in which the system has been installed. In terms of carbon reduction, the new installation will save around 21.6t CO2 per year.

Lights Used in this Project

  • Apollo LED
  • Selene LED
  • Cubus LED