How do you help the Le Mans racing series audience easily identify which car is which during the race’s 24-hour length? Surelight’s Electroluminescent (EL) panels are the answer!

Le Mans 24 is a grueling endurance race which lasts for an entire day, with drivers competing through the night. Illumination is mandatory as per article in the Sporting regulations.

Aston Martin approached Surelight and ordered a supply of EL Panels to apply to their cars for the race. The panel would be used to display the car’s race number throughout the competition, as is now a race requirement for all cars. The EL Panel would also allows easy identification of a car by the corner workers, race officials, spectators and team supporters to keep track of the Aston Martin cars despite the lack of light. The panels really came into their own during the night of the race, with the Aston Martins lighting up the race track using the iconic 007 number for one of the vehicles.

Aston is one of many teams using Surelight’s panels, which have been developed, along with the inverter – power controller, to provide the ideal solution to vehicle numbering for night racing series.

Surelight’s EL Panels are the product of choice for most teams.