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Signs & Retail Displays

Versatile Lighting for Signs & Retail Display

With our range of versatile specialist lighting products Surelight have contributed to hundreds of signs and retail applications, from colour changing LED lighting for shop front signage to backlit EL Panel Advertising. Our LED lighting is ideal for display cabinets, colour changing lighting for large 3D shop front signs, shop window display lighting, our EL Wire is ideal for eye catching point of sale displays.

Surelight have the expertise to help make your Signs & Retail Display stand out from the crowd, our low energy, highly efficient lighting products can save energy costs compared to traditional lighting methods.

Light your Signage & Retail Display with passion and create stunning lighting effects with Surelight LED and Electroluminescent lighting solutions:

LED Lighting
Electroluminescent Panels
Electroluminescent Wire

Sign Lighting using LEDs, EL Panels & EL Wire

Here are just a few examples of how Surelight's lighting range has been used for signage and advertising purposes:

Carlsberg EL Wire Bar Sign

Carlsberg EL Wire SignSurelight's EL Wire makes this sign for well known beer brand Carlsberg light up.

Our EL Wire is the perfect lighting for fine detailed applications such as this Carlsberg Sign.

Using one of our specialist inverters means you can choose from a range of display options from flashing, fading or just on/off from the flick of a switch.

Hairdressers shop front signage using Surelight's LED lighting

Hair Dressers 3D Sign Lit with Surelight's LED Colour Wall Washer Lighting - Colour Chainging LED signageThis 3D shop front sign for a Hair-dressers was cleverly lit with Surelight's colour changing RGB LED Octavia Wall Washers. Making this high street hairdressers stand out from the crowd.

Our Octavia RGB LED Wall Washers are ideal for sign projects like this one, being IP67 rated means they are suitable for outdoor use in any weather!

EL Wire Halo for Sonneti Sign

Sonneti Sign Lighting Halo - Created using Electroluminescent WireSurelight Aqua EL Glow Wire was used to create this wonderful Halo of light on Sonneti's interior company signage.

Surelights EL Wire is available in a range of colours and grades. Because Surelight's EL Wire is so flexible it is ideal for fluid designs like this Sonneti Sign.

Our EL Wire uses very little power making the lighting of this sign highly efficient compared to older traditional technologies.

Retail Display Lighting using LEDs, EL Panels & EL Wire

Here are just a few examples of how Surelight's lighting range has been used for Retail Display purposes:

LED Shop window display lighting

LED Lighting for Chanel Shop FrontSurelight's LED Spot Lights has been used in this shop front window display for Chanel cleverly illuminating all of the large shop window bringing the display graphics to life a night.

Surelight have a large range of LED Spot Lights which can light any shop window display, available in a range of single colours or colour changing RGB versions which will really bring your shop window to life!

Animated EL Panel Advertising

Coca-Cola EL Panel Animated Advertising Display PosterElectroluminescent Panels (EL Panels) are set to take over back lit posters with 75% of energy saving amongst a host of other light source based products that are energy deficient, expensive and bulky.

Our Animated EL Panels are paper thin, light and flexible, making them ideal for shop windows, bus/train shelter advertising, or point of sale displays.

Surelight can animate your designs like these with various speeds and fading effects to make your brand really stand out.


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