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Divergent - Movie Lighting

Divergent - Movie Lighting

DVG Productions

Divergent - Movie Lighting

Divergent - Movie Lighting

Cinematographer Alwin Küchler had really thought about the lighting that would be used in the futuristic cityscape where the Divergent film takes place.

A lot of time was spent thinking about how power was limited and the use of LED and low power light sources would be used to create some of the amazing sets.

What did DVG Productions want?

Working closely with "Anne Kuljian & Allison Isenberg" and the production company, DVG Productions, Surelight helped create the film’s futuristic feel with spectacular lighting effects, using its Dolphin LED street lights, Atlas LED pendant lights, electroluminescent (EL) wire and EL strip.

Some of the films major scenes take place with Surelight’s lighting either in the background or even used as props. One of the film’s most memorable scenes utilises Surelight EL wire to tattoo the main character Tris.

The Divergent movie production team meticulously replaced street lights shot on-location in Chicago with Surelight’s Dolphin street lights and kept an eye out for anything that didn’t fit the artistic lighting approach set by Alwin Küchler. Some of the fast paced outdoor scenes include many CG added Surelight lighting to keep continuity throughout.

"Alwin [Küchler], brought in a specific and artistic lighting look for the film.  A lot of the discussions were the kinds of lights we were going to use and how the source in this world where there isn’t a lot of power and people was going to be.  It had a significant impact in how we built and lit the sets and how we were going to continue that look in the CG world where the sets had to be extended."
Greg Baxter, VFX Producer, Divergent

Project Specifications

Client : DVG Productions
Type of Project: Movie
Movie Director: Neil Burger
Based on the Novel by: Veronica Roth
Surelight LED Lighting used: EL Strip, Super Bright Electroluminescent (EL) Wire, Atlas LED Light Fixture

Divergent Movie Lighting - EL Wire
Divergent Movie Lighting - EL Strip
Divergent Movie Lighting - Atlas

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