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Specialz, Coldplay - Stage Lighting

Coldplay - Stage Lighting


Specialz, Coldplay - Stage Lighting

Coldplay - Stage Lighting

In collaboration with Specialz, Surelight's EL wire, LED lighting and DMX controllers have been used to create the stage set lighting for Coldplay's worldwide Mylo Xyloto festival and stadium tour.

What did Specialz want?

Misty Buckley, Art designer for Coldplay conceptualised the image of huge circular flowers behind the band on stage.

To augment rather than overpower the lighting design, the idea of using electroluminescent wire to create the shapes was suggested.

Specialz were initially commissioned to create four EL Wire "Flowers" from 1.4 to 2.5 metres in diameter. Knowing that Surelight has a lot of expertise in this area they turned to us for Electroluminescent (EL) wire and along the way discovered a new product known as LED XL Neon Light Rope.

How did Surelight achieve this?

Surelight has worked with a number of bands in the past but one that seems to always come up in conversation at Surelight HQ is the Coldplay Mylo Xyloto tour.

As part of the tour the in house team at Surelight custom built one of a kind DMX controllers specifically for the amazing EL Wire flowers backdrop to the stage. These flowers were designed to sequence in time with the music adding a sensational light show to Coldplay's musical soundtrack.

In addition to the EL flowers, Coldplay also utilised LED XL Neon Light Rope. The light rope surrounded the stage and could be seen from the very back of the stadiums played.

Surelight worked with the team at Specialz to seamlessly integrate the EL wire and LED neon lighting control with the rest of the stagelighting. If you look closely at the video to the right it even shows the whole crowd being used for lighting as bracelets were given out to people entering the stadium.

"The way that EL works is very conducive for cameras; whilst it looks quite subdued to the eye it really comes alive on camera. It provides some great camera candy which doesn’t turn in to heavy backlight. Instead, you get depth and movement without burning out the camera as other light sources can do."
Dave Smith, Sales Director, Specialz.

Project Specifications

Client: Specialz
Location: Worldwide Tour
Type of Project: Stage Lighting
Band: Coldplay
Surelight LED Lighting used: Super Bright Electroluminescent (EL) Wire, XL LED Neon Light Rope, Signalis CV DMX Decoder

Coldplay Stage Lights
Coldplay Mylo Xyloto Tour Lights
Colplaye LED Neon Light Rope

LED Lighting Products Used In This Project

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