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The Engineering Practice, Wood Norton Hall - Worcestershire

Wood Norton Hall - Worcestershire

The Engineering Practice

The Engineering Practice, Wood Norton Hall - Worcestershire

Wood Norton Hall - Worcestershire

Surelight helped bring the new £1 million wedding venue in Worcestershire to ‘sparkling’ life with its innovative lighting, giving the venue just the fairy tale effect it needed to attract brides and grooms looking for somewhere extra special to celebrate their wedding.

What did The Engineering Practice want?

The historic Wood Norton Hotel, which boasts original 19th century French features, wanted some feature external lighting for their brand new, state of the art suite called The Orangery.

This beautifully designed building, which sits opposite the main house of the hotel, has a glass frontage providing stunning views over the Malverns, and the Worcestershire countryside. It also has its own private gardens, and terrace, making it ideal for weddings and private functions.

Its designers, The Engineering Practice, wanted the venue’s lighting to be just as spectacular as the building itself and turned to us to provide exactly that.

How did Surelight achieve this?

After doing some in depth lighting schematics our in-house experts chose 20 Arcus II RGB colour changing LED wall washers to work with the buildings existing Lutron control system.

Many Surelight products were discussed to get the perfect lighting solution for the project and there were several options available to get the lighting effect desired.

These amazing wall washers create dramatic effects: producing up to 16 million colours and projecting light up to 35 metres they are often the lighting of choice for architects looking for stunning lighting systems.

"We are really excited about the opening of The Orangery. We have heavily invested time in the design and execution of the build to create a stunning venue. The glass frontage is really special and the views it provides are phenomenal. "
Craig Webb, Wood Norton Hotel General Manager

Project Specifications

Location: Worcestershire; equidistant from Worcester, Stratford upon Avon and Cheltenham
Type of project: Hotel Orangery
Main contractor: The Engineering Practice
Client: Wood Norton Hotel
Surelight LED Lighting used: Arcus II DMX RGB LED Wall Washers

Wood Norton Hall Wall Washer LED Lighting
Wood Norton Hall Wall Washer LED Lighting
Wood Norton Hall Wall Washer LED Lighting

LED Lighting Products Used In This Project

Surelight LED Wall Washer Lighting Product Of The Day
Arcus LED Wall Washer/Strip Light
The Arcus LED Wall Washer/Strip Light meets the needs of lighting designers and architects by offering an exciting new array of lighting possibilities, both interior and exterior. This LED Wall Washer/Strip Light unit can be mounted to walls, floors or ceilings; both indoors and outdoors.
Surelight LED Spotlight Product Of The Day
Oceanus LED Spotlights
The Oceanus LED Spotlights are extremely robust and hard-wearing, with CREE LEDs offering high brightness and reliability. Available in a range of single colours and RGB colour mixing the LED Spotlight can create any mood or effect you desire.
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