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Chatsworth Estate, Chatsworth House - Derbyshire

Chatsworth House - Derbyshire

Chatsworth Estate

Chatsworth Estate, Chatsworth House - Derbyshire
Chatsworth Estate, Chatsworth House - Derbyshire

Chatsworth House - Energy Efficiency Program

Chatsworth House - Carriage House Building


Built in the 1560s Chatsworth is a stately home in the heart of Derbyshire. This award winning country house contains a collection of priceless paintings, furniture, old master drawings, neoclassical sculptures, books and other artefacts.

The carriage house was added to the existing stables in the 1830s by the 6th Duke of Devonshire. It was home to 80 horses up until 1939. After the war it was reopened to the public and by 1975 a tea bar was established. The first café was opened in 1979 and seated 90 people in the old horse stalls. In 1987 the Duke and Duchess's private chef, Jean-Pierre Béraud, took charge of the catering and the 250-seat Carriage House restaurant was created.

What did Chatsworth want?

The Devonshire Group came to Surelight for luxury LED lighting that would help reduce their carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption.

One of the Devonshire Group's strategies to reduce environmental impact was to improve the energy efficiency of their properties and operations.

Chatsworth had several lighting control systems in place and wanted an energy efficient lighting solution that worked with their pre-existing wiring. Chatsworth needed high-end and luxurious energy efficient lighting to fit in with the original architecture. In the Carriage House restaurant they wanted ambient lighting to change the mood for events such as weddings.

How did Surelight achieve this?

After our first visits to the Carriage House at Chatsworth, we realised straight away how much energy could be saved by changing the existing lighting to LED.

Once we knew we could help, the Surelight Technical Team got to work creating various lighting schematics in DiaLux. The schematics (3D renderings of the rooms and light levels) illustrated clearly that the light output from LED would be comparable or greater than the traditional lighting which was being replaced whilst offering a huge CO2 reduction.

We collected data of how many bulbs and lights needed replacing and put the figures into our energy savings calculator. These figures shown exactly how much energy could be saved on a yearly basis including the reduction of maintenance and replacement costs of the traditional bulbs.


Throughout the building the traditional bulbs were replaced in eight chandeliers, each holding from ten to twenty bulbs. Around one hundred and twenty candle bulbs in total.

Chandeliers were retro fitted with 3W Niteo LED candle bulbs. Unlike other chandelier bulbs on the market our Niteo LED candle bulb range has a superior heat sink with high quality built-in driver. This allows for them to be used 24 hours a day without premature failure. They really complement the beautiful traditional chandeliers.

The chandeliers had to be dimmable, whilst this at first was challenging due to the existing complex control systems, the Surelight Technical Team re-programmed the existing control system to offer smooth dimming with LED. When dimmed the Niteo Candle bulbs use even less power, so offer further energy savings when set to a lower ambient light.

Previously the eight chandeliers consumed 4800W, now after replacing with Surelight Niteo Candle Bulbs, all one hundred and twenty bulbs consume only 360W. The Chatsworth Carriage House is now saving a massive 4440W of power from just eight chandeliers.

Chandeliers before: 4800W
Chandeliers after: 360W
Saving: 4440W

Track Lighting

Over forty 75W Halogen Track Lights were replaced with Surelight Cylindrus track lights. Two versions of the Cylindrus are available 17W and 40W. Twenty 17W Cylindrus were used for low ceiling areas (under arches) and twenty 40W were used for high ceiling areas. Massive energy savings were made whilst offering higher light output.

Track Lights before: 3000W
Track Lights after: 740W
Saving: 2260W

Floodlight Uplighters

The Surelight Chaos Lights were adapted to hide within the architectural pillars to create a robust energy efficient light with superior brightness. The thirty-five original halogen floodlights were using over 500W of power each. The Chaos lights use only 40W each.

Floodlight Uplighters before: 17500W
Floodlight Uplighters after: 1400W
Saving: 16100W

LED Flexible Strip

The Carriage House restaurant already had single colour LED strip installed prior to the refurbishment. To add the ability to change the rooms mood, Surelight upgraded the single colour LED Strip to our Architectural grade RGB Colour Changing Flexible Strip.

Due to the complicated nature of the original wiring, a smart wireless system was implemented to control the LED flexible strip. An important requirement for the Carriage House restaurant was that the new LED Strip should offer colour changing on demand especially for the wedding events, now any colour can be set at the touch of a button.

Ambient Lighting

A series of table lights and wall lamps (Thirty in total) were using traditional Bayonet –fit bulbs. Although energy saving bulbs were being used, LED is still more energy efficient and offers a greater light output. Our 9W Orbis replaced 35W Compact Fluorescent lamps.

B22 Bayonet-fit Light Bulbs before: 1050W
B22 Bayonet-fit Light Bulbs after: 270W
Saving: 780W

Total Energy Savings for the Carriage House


Total CO2 Consumption

CO2 consumption from lighting before: 45 Tonnes/Year
CO2 consumption from lighting after: 6 Tonnes/Year
CO2 Savings: 39 Tonnes/Year

Based on lighting being switched on 9 Hours a day/51 weeks a year

"We were looking for an energy efficient lighting solution that was high-end and luxurious, as well as a solution which offered compatibility with our existing control system.

Scene setting flexibility was a must have for the Carriage House restaurant. We can now choose from an array of light colours for weddings and events.

As part of our energy efficiency programme we’re delighted with the impact that replacing our lighting with the Surelight LEDs has made."
Luke Sherlock, Sustainability Manager

"The maintenance benefits of LEDs are astounding, we’ve not had to change one bulb since they were installed. Usually the team would be changing bulbs here every other month."
Gary Schofield, Maintenance Manager

Project Specifications

Location: Chatsworth House, Derbyshire.
Type of project: Stately Home/Restaurant Lighting.
Client: Devonshire Group/Chatsworth House
Electrical Contractor: Austin Electrical.
Surelight LED Lighting used: Niteo 3W LED Candle Bulbs, Cylindrus LED Track Lights, Chaos-1 LED Floodlight, Architectural RGB LED Flexible Strip, Orbis B22 LED Light Bulbs

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