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Architecture & Design Lighting Projects

Jaguar EL PAnel Lighting Castle Bridge Taunton - LED Strip Lights Mary Hill Primary School - LED Wallwashers The Straddle Building - Canal Basin Sheffield - LED Wallwashers

Architects and Designers – Architectural and designer uses for Surelights LED Lighting, EL Panels and EL Wire

Give your architecture and design projects a new lease of life and create stunning lighting effects with Surelight LED and Electroluminescent lighting solutions. We have many clients who are regularly incorporating our Surelight lighting products into their creations. Please scroll down to view information on a wide variety of architects and designers who have utilised our lighting.

The Straddle - Victoria Quays, Sheffield

Helios III RGB LED wall washers were used on the Straddle Building in Sheffield.

Visitors to Sheffield’s Victoria Quays are in for a real treat as the grade II listed Straddle Building’s amazing new technicolour lighting brings a wonderful new dimension to the restored Sheffield canal basin.

Chatsworth House - Energy Efficiency Program

Built in the 1560s Chatsworth is a stately home in the heart of Derbyshire. This award winning country house contains a collection of priceless paintings, furniture, old master drawings, neoclassical sculptures, books and other artefacts.

The Devonshire Group came to Surelight for luxury LED lighting that would help reduce their carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption.

Surelight HQ - Sheffield - LED Office Lighting

Since the inception of the Surelight brand in 1998 the company was located in Millhouses, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, just 2 miles from the city centre. In 2014 the team at Surelight were growing fast and expansion into new premises was required.

First and foremost it needed to be a functional working office space with the very best office lighting we offer. At the same time it needed to include a full range of colourful and charismatic RGB Surelight products to inspire architects and designers.

Moxon Architects, Castle Green Bridge Taunton - Somerset

The spectacular walkway lit with Surelight Orion LED strip-lights was designed by Moxon Architects.

The recently installed bridge runs along side the Anglo-Saxon Castle which houses the Museum of Somerset.

The Engineering Practice Wood Norton Hall - Worcestershire

Colour mixing Arcus II DMX RGB LED wall washers were used on The Wood Norton Hall Orangery in Worcestershire.

Surelight helped bring the new £1 million wedding venue in Worcestershire to ‘sparkling’ life with its innovative lighting, giving the venue just the fairy tale effect it needed to attract brides and grooms looking for somewhere extra special to celebrate their wedding.

The Strand Palace Hotel - Central London

Surelight’s Arcus II DMX LED wall washers were used on The Strand Palace Hotel London.

When the Strand Palace Hotel was looking to create the wow factor during the 2012 Olympics,  50 of Surelight’s Arcus II DMX LED Wall Washer Lights were installed on the front elevation of the hotel, creating a fabulous external lighting effect.

Swing Bridge - Deptford Creek, Greenwich, London

This £3.5 million swing bridge across the Deptford Creek at Greenwich Reach, South East London, was built by Moxon Architects.

It features Surelight's 3000K Orionis LED Strip Lights incorporated into the hand rails.

Spacepad, Studio 557 Bar & Grill LED Lighting

Surelight have provided a host of LED products for this Bar & Grill Interior Design Project in Sheffield.

Interior designers/contractors Spacepad used Surelight LED lighting for major refurbishment of the former Walnut Club Champagne Bar in Ecclesall Road, Sheffield to become the new bar and grill called "Studio 557

Maryhill Primary School - Glasgow

Award winning project utilising Surelight's Arcus II in various lengths.

This £3.8 million project with architects Grant Murray, won the Scottish Design Awards 2012 ‘Affordable Housing’ commendation and the Herald Property Awards 2012 ‘Social Housing Development of the Year’ commendation.

Network Rail, The Trackwork Moll Factory - Doncaster

Network rail required energy saving LED high bay lights that would provide enough light output for workers to create the concreate sleepers.

They were intially looking at LED lights due to their low maintenence and long lifetimes when compared to traditional metal halides.

Renault Captur - Concept Car Lighting

Utilising Surelight's EL Panels and EL Wires the Renault Captur concept car wowed car enthusiasts with its amazing futuristic interior made from a combination of electroluminescent lighting.

Almost three quarters of a million people saw Renault’s Captur concept car when it was unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, and thousands more will have admired it in top motoring media, such as Top Gear.

Jaguar C-X75 - Concept Car Lighting

Utilising Surelight's EL Panels and EL Wires the Jaguar C-X75 concept car was the beginning of a new chapter in innovation and technological advancement for Jaguar.

The C-X75 project allowed Jaguar to stake an even stronger claim as the UK's most significant investor in innovative technology; pushing every boundary of power, performance & fuel efficiency.

Surelight LED Wall Washer Lighting Product Of The Day
Arcus LED Wall Washer/Strip Light
The Arcus LED Wall Washer/Strip Light meets the needs of lighting designers and architects by offering an exciting new array of lighting possibilities, both interior and exterior. This LED Wall Washer/Strip Light unit can be mounted to walls, floors or ceilings; both indoors and outdoors.
Surelight LED Spotlight Product Of The Day
Oceanus LED Spotlights
The Oceanus LED Spotlights are extremely robust and hard-wearing, with CREE LEDs offering high brightness and reliability. Available in a range of single colours and RGB colour mixing the LED Spotlight can create any mood or effect you desire.
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