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LED Spotlights

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LED Spotlights

LED spotlights are the heavy-weight champions of the LED lighting world, standing up to almost any task. Surelight's LED spotlight range is tough, robust and water resistant but at the same time offers an ultra-versatile, modern and chic lighting solution suited to commercial and domestic use. Not only does Surelight's range of LED spotlights offer the contemporary look required by many architects and designers, as well as end users, it is also second to none when it comes to saving on energy and maintenance costs, offering major energy savings when compared to halogen or metal halide spotlights and lasting years longer.

You can also get really creative with the RGB versions of our popular LED spotlights. Fabulous all colour lighting which can be used both indoors or outdoors, and even under water, in a huge number of applications such as architectural lighting, landscape lighting, hotel lighting, accent lighting, stage/theatre lighting, feature lighting and more. An amazing display can be created with colour changing RGB LED spotlights which can be controlled via DMX or our standalone RGB controllers.

Surelight also offers various control systems, the choice of which depends on your particular application. (Please see the LED control section of the website for more information on controlling LED spotlights.). So whatever the application – Surelight has the perfect LED spotlight solution for it – from our miniature LED Leda spotlights to our high brightness Emineo Projector Spotlights.

Oceanus LED Spotlight Range

The Oceanus LED Spotlight range is fully water and dust resistant to IP68 rating, making the Oceanus LED Spotlight perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

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Lupo LED Spotlight

The Surelight Lupo LED spotlight range are a very high-powered LED spotlight which uses 54 high-power LEDs.

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Emineo Projector LED Spotlight

The Surelight Emineo Projector LED Spotlights are extremely high-powered single colour LED projecting spotlights designed to project light large distances.

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Surelight LED Lighting Product Of The Day
LED Candle Light Bulb
Surelight's Niteo 3W E14 small screw fit LED Candle Light Bulb is designed for 24hrs a day commercial usage, ideal for hotels, restaurants and retail. Using just 3W of power and giving the same light output as a 25W incandescent candle bulb. When used in chandeliers you can make huge energy savings.
Surelight LED Industrial Lighting Product Of The Day
Fortis LED Light Fixture
The Fortis LED Light Fixture range is made from anti-corrosion aluminium making it light-weight and robust. It has a high light output with a large beam angle of 130°. This provides an even soft light. The built in driver allows for easy installation and you can upgrade to the optional emerency or dimming versions.
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